Blast Chillers

Cold Of Pure Breed 

For racks anda trys

The industry as well as the artisanal bakery and pastry need flexibility and ability to produce many different products.

Blast chilling and freezing largely extends the shelf life of products and enables consumers to purchase fresh delicatessen.

In particular the main advantages of freezing of dough are:

    • Centralized manufacturing and distribution process.
    • Standardization of quality product.
    • Reduction of losses caused by aging of the product.
    • Harmonization of production with the demands.
    • Fresh products available at any time of the day

Slowly enough to maximize yeast activity but fastly enough to limit dough weakening

Rapid freezing might fatally compromise the yeast activity.

The unfermented frozen dough allow baking on sales point and does not required staff competences, provide fresh products with excellent organoleptic and textural properties.

Technical details

  • 2 lines of products, “Pastry” and “Ho.Re.Ca”
  • For trays of 600×400 mm 
  • for GN 1/1 grills or for trolleys
  • With stainless blind doors
  • All with Quick Blast Chilling Function and Freezing, timed or with tube reaching the heart of the product, in one phase or up to 4 phases freely programmable.
  • Automatic preservation function at the end of each cycle.
  • One piece system with 70 mm insulation thickness , or with panels with 100 mm insulation thickness as well as non-slip reinforced floor.
  • Internal and external finish in AISI 304 18/10 stainless steel
  • Optional external stainless finish  for trolley -types only
  • Strenghtened and tropicalized Condensing units 
  • integrated or planned for remote setting.
  • Aspera, Tecumseh and Frascold compressors
  • Automatic discharge of the condensation water
  • Controlled defrosting unit
  • Air setting at the door opening
  • Electronic control

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