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A correct process of Retarder Prover play a crucial role in:

  • Time management – flexibility and annulment of night shift.
  • Save money.
  • Larger offer of products.
  • Drastic reduction of waste.
  • Possibility to bake at different times during the day.
  • Product consistency.
  • Crost, cramb and flavor characteristics.
  • Shelf life.

The purpose of proofing is to obtain maximum dough development by allowing the shaped dough to relax and expand to produce an aerated piece of dough which, when baked, produces the desired shape and volume.

During proofing the structure of the final product is set.

The flavor of many breads improves if we can slow down the fermentation and some styles of bread actually require it.

The science behind this richer flavor involves the bacteria that are also present in bread dough. As it rests, the bacteria create more acetic and lactic acids which add to the bread’s flavor.

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