About RPRO

 is company based in the north of Italy that specialized in the design and manufacture of Retarder Provers and Blast Chillers.

 is a business with a powerful family tradition.

Renewal has always been the hallmark of the company, ever since its founding in 1963.

Evolution is part of its genetic heritage, passed down from father to sons, thanks in part to constant investment.

The company started in 1979 as a supplier of stainless-steel sheet processing, cutting, bending and welding.
In 1985 it developed – with remarkable success – a complete range of stainless-steel equipment for bakeries and pastry workshops.

Over the past 23 years, several major transformations in the interests of continuity and growth have led the company to establish itself in the field of professional refrigeration production for industrial and artisan bakeries and confectioneries.

As evidence of its innovative spirit, in 2022 the company launched a new brand under which it started the production of rotary ovens.

is a solid and respected player on the international market.

The company’s highly experienced team is firm in its commitment to creating value for its customers in terms of products, solutions, services and reliability.